MiraCosta's administration continues to hide complaints by the public.

Oceanside, CA - Since November 2017, members of the public, students and faculty have publicly raised concerns about MiraCosta's leadership and policies, but sadly the Board's minutes, which its President Sunny Cooke controls, continue to sanitize the public's comment to the point where the summaries in the minutes fail to reflect the actual nature of what is being said. Minutes are supposed to reflect what happens at a Board meeting to help the Board be transparent and accountable to the public. However, a review of the minutes from July's Board meeting submitted by Cooke for approval at this Thursday's Board meeting not only failed to correctly identify how many speakers spoke at the last

Lack of qualifications continues to be an issue at MiraCosta.

Despite numerous complaints about MiraCosta's continued hiring and use of unqualified staff to address known weaknesses in MiraCosta's programming, MiraCosta administrators continue to use low standards when it comes to hiring or appointing people to address the needs of some of its most vulnerable students. The public and students affected by the poor administrative decisions are baffled as to why these administrative mistakes keep happening. Problems arose when Sunny Cooke (MiraCosta's President) brought in Kate Alder as an interim Dean earlier this year to try to resolve complaints about MiraCosta's use of hundreds of thousands of dollars of the Adult Ed Block Grant Consortium's funding w

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