MiraCosta provides numerous beneficial classes for seniors including balance and mobility classes, chair yoga, painting and others.  A student who is a senior has asked why classes offered in the southern part of the district are charging fees, while the same classes in the northern part of the district have been provided to seniors for free. The only difference is that most of the classes up north are classified as "noncredit" and are free, while most of the classes down south are classified as "community education" and are fee based.

Are seniors in the southern district charged for the same classes offered up north for free? That's a question some seniors would like an answer to especially given that the southern part of the district is the primary tax base for MiraCosta.  

Comparison of classes based upon Spring 2018 Schedule:

While there are a few free classes "down south," the vast majority are in the north.  Why? 


Northern District: (Free Classes)

  • Balance and fitness classes,

  • Drawing and Sketching, Sculpture, Painting, Watercolor,

  • Tai Chi for seniors.    


Southern District: (Fee based classes

  • Balance and fitness classes - all charge

  • Drawing, Painting and Watercolor - all charge

  • Tai Chi - all charge